Monthly Planner Printable PDF Templates 2021, FREE

Looking for cute monthly planner printable PDF templates for 2021 to help you get organized? Look no more, because we created 6 best printable planners PDF files in black and white, calendars with notes, lines and month at a glance to choose from…

Cute Monthly Planner Printable Templates for 2021, calendar organizer

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How to Use a Monthly Planner

This is how to use a monthly planner:

  1. decide how you want your month to look like or make a monthly goal
  2. break down your monthly goal in daily steps
  3. make a precise plan for every day and write it down in your monthly planner

What to Write in Monthly Planner

A lot of beginners may ask what to write in a monthly planner. I know, starting a new thing can be overwhelming, so here are some monthly planner ideas to get you started:

  • life events - like birthdays, dates, holidays
  • goals of the month - make a goal of the month and use weekly planner to break a goal to smaller, more achievable steps
  • bucket list - make wishes and dreams come true
  • meal - planning your meals can help you eat more healthy, lose or gain weight
  • recipes - organize your recipes and never
  • budgeting finance planner - we all know that money is a slippery thing, so having a great spending plan will help you spend rationally and even save a little.
  • workout or fitness - keeping a exercise log to make a new healthy habit
  • weight loss planner -
  • home planner - everything from cleaning, household responsibilities to redecorating
  • habits - building a new habit is a building a best version of self. Track new habits every day!
  • gratitude journal - being grateful will make you calm down and improves the well-being.
  • social media planner - no more mindless browsing on Instagram! Limit your time on social media and see how good you’ll feel at the end of the month.
  • blogging - if you are a blogger, make a monthly content plan and always know what to write about.
  • work or study calendar - plan your work or study schedule.
  • affirmations - to help you grow as a person
  • motivational quotes - to motivate you and encourage you
  • ideas planner - if you are creative person, write every great idea you have for the later, when you make time…
  • books you plan to read - monthly book plan for all book lovers and avid readers.
  • Netflix movies and TV shows to watch
  • vacation and travel ideas
  • track your mood, anxiety levels and triggers to improve your
  • sleep habits - especially if you suffer of insomnia
  • passwords - keep your passwords in one place
  • crafts planner - if you have a craft you love to do, plan you projects on a monthly basis
  • songs and artists - plan your favorite playlist for work, leisure time or workout
  • medicine tracking - don’t forget to take your pills or antibiotics
  • Bible verses you love

Don’t worry, when you start using planners, you will start to get plenty of new planning and organizing ideas. Now, you are ready to choose your printable monthly planner.

All calendars are PDF files with 300 DPI resolution for high quality printing and they are easy to print on an A4 or a letter size (8.5" x 11") cardstock. You can choose calendars with Monday start or Sunday start.

You might be interested in these organizing planners, too:

Vertical Blank Monthly Calendar Planner with Notes

Our vertical or portrait 2021 calendar planner has lined notes. There is enough room on note lines to write on your goals for the month. Also, schedule has a large grid to write your daily to-do list.

It is stylish with simple, minimal black and white design, perfect for meal, habit, fitness or health tracking. Also, you can use it to plan your activities as well as blogging or other business ventures.

I offer the same simple schedule for a full 2021 year as a freebie, but I won’t be offended if you decide to donate, so I can continue to design new exciting printables for free. :)

Vertical Blank Monthly Planner Printable with Notes for 2021

Pay what you want and download!

Blank Monthly Calendar Template with Notes Horizontal Format

Some of you’ve asked for a blank monthly calendar template printables in horizontal or landscape format with notes, so I created it. As all my planning printable PDF files, 2021 planner templates also come with Monday to Sunday and Sunday to Saturday week in A4 and letter size.

Blank Monthly Calendar Template with Notes Horizontal Format

Pay what you want and download!

Lined Monthly Planner Printable Calendar for 2021

Check out our new downloadable blank lined monthly planner in portrait orientation to print. The schedule comes as a free pdf file in letter size (8.5" x 11") and Sunday to Saturday week. Also, it comes as pdf file in A4 format with Monday to Sunday week for successful planning.

Lined Monthly Planner Printable Calendar 2021

Pay what you want and download!

Landscape Printable Monthly Calendar Planner Lined for 2021

Our free landscape, printable monthly calendar with lines from to 2021 is also available for free download. Get these PDF files in letter size or A4 size.

Landscape Printable Monthly Calendar Planner Lined 2021

Pay what you want and download!

Girly Blank Planner Template with Polka Dots 2021

Also, you can download this adorable girly blank planner template for whole 2021 in black and white. As all our agendas, this polka dot agenda is available in PDF format, easy to print. If you prefer to edit it on computer, just insert our pretty schedule in the Microsoft Word, Canva or similar.

Girly Blank Calendar Planner Template with Polka Dots 2021

Pay what you want and download!

Printable Desktop Monthly Calendar 2021

Our pretty polka dot desktop calendar PDF is designed in vertical, portrait orientation. Put it in a elegant frame or in your planner, either way you like. All calendars, as well as this one can be printed on white and colored cardstock, but if you print it on craft paper, you will get a calendar with a vintage look.

Printable Desktop Monthly Calendar 2021

Pay what you want and download!


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