Purple Silver Wedding Invitation Templates: Lavender & Plum

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Purple and silver is one of the most popular color combo for wedding this season. Here are some of our purple silver wedding invitation templates, that you can edit in Microsoft Word.

Check out our cute printable purple and silver wedding stationery!

Purple Silver Wedding Invitation Templates

Matching Cards with Purple Silver Wedding Invitation Templates

Every invitation template has matching RSVP, programs and other cards.  You can find links for the matching cards inside the invitation description in our shop.

Editing our templates is easy. Every our wedding template in Microsoft Word has text fields, which you can move, resize or just type over the sample text on it with your own. After editing, save, print and cut on the cutting marks and your purple and silver wedding invitations are ready to go. Enjoy!

Elegant Lavender and Silver Wedding Invitations

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Plum and Silver Wedding Invitations

plum and silver wedding invitations

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