Printable Peacock Wedding Invitation Templates

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Planning wedding with peacock theme? Check out our printable peacock wedding invitation templates, elegant and affordable!

Get invitation templates separately or as printable wedding invitation sets (including invitation, RSVP and thank you card templates)!

Peacock Wedding Invitation Templates Colors

We offer peacock wedding invitation templates in four colors:

printable peacock wedding invitation templates

Peacock Wedding Theme Decor

Besides invitation templates, we offer matching peacock wedding theme decor:

Peacock Wedding Theme Meaning

Peacock wedding theme meaning can be found in Greek mythology. It meant immortality, but later, in early Christianity peacock feathers were symbol for all-seeing God.

Old Persians and Babylonians believed that peacock symbolizes Paradise and the Tree of Life.

In modern days, peacock means love, beauty, dignity and kindness. All in all, it is a great theme to choose for a wedding!