Elegant Peacock Themed Wedding Invitation Templates Winter 2021

Planning peacock theme wedding? Here are some ideas and suggestions you should consider…

Peacock Wedding Meaning

Peacock wedding theme meaning can be found in Greek mythology. It meant immortality, but later, in early Christianity peacock feathers were symbol for all-seeing God.

Old Persians and Babylonians believed that peacock symbolizes Paradise and the Tree of Life.

In modern days, peacock means love, beauty, dignity and kindness. All in all, it is a great theme to choose for a wedding!

Peacock Wedding Colors Palette

Peacock wedding colors palette include:

  • purple, teal and turquoise peacock wedding colors
  • royal blue peacock wedding color scheme,
  • silver peacock feather colors
  • gold
  • red

Peacock Color Wedding Invitations - Purple, Teal, Turquoise

Elegant peacock color wedding invitations rich in purple, teal and turquoise colors:

Elegant Glittery Purple Peacock Wedding Invitation Elegant Teal Satin and Peacock Wedding Invitation

Peacock Feather Blue Wedding Cards

Check out gorgeous peacock feather blue wedding cards with bright royal blue colors.

Navy Blue and Gold Vintage Peacock Floral Wedding Invitation Royal Blue Silver Royal Indian Peacock Wedding Invitation

Silver Peacock Feather Wedding Invites

Silver peacock feather wedding invites of my choice are these two:

Royal Blue and Silver Royal Indian Peacock Wedding Invitation Silver Moroccan Tile Aqua & Coral Peacock Wedding Invitation

Gold Art Deco Peacock Wedding Invitations

Here are the most beautiful gold art deco peacock wedding invitations:

Elegant Art Deco Peacocks Wedding Gold on Black Invitation PixDezines PEACOCKS/PURPLE/GOLD/FILIGREE/SWILRS Invitation

Red Peacock Wedding Invitation Templates

Take a look at beautiful red peacock feather wedding invitation templates for Chinese wedding peacock theme.

Red Peacock Wedding Invitation Templates Red and Gold Peacock Indian Wedding Invitation

Peacock Watercolor Wedding Invitations

For peacock watercolor wedding invitations, I chose these two elegant inexpensive cards:

Peacock Watercolor Wedding Invitations Mint and Blue Boho Floral Online Virtual Wedding Invitation

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