Best Cricut Halloween Projects & Ideas for Beginners Fall 2022

Find the best Cricut Halloween projects & ideas for beginners for fall 2022! Free Halloween fonts, svg cut files, templates, cheap cutting dies for signs, t-shirts designs.

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Since it is never to early to start with your Cricut Halloween projects, I decided to help you with, as much as I can find, free and affordable resources.

Best Cricut Halloween Projects & Ideas for Beginners Fall 2022

Of course, you will need die cutting machine to make these craft projects. You can use Cricut die cutting machine or Spellbinders machine for die cutting, it is cheaper and it will do the work! So let us get started with spooky diy Halloween craft ideas.

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Best Cricut Halloween Fonts for Die-Cutting Projects

Best Halloween Fonts for Cricut Projects Free & Spooky

First things, first! Here are the coolest 25 free, best Halloween fonts for Cricut projects, at least in my humble opinion. Just take care, if you want to sell your spooktacular crafts for October 31st, some of these fonts are free for personal use only. Read the license…

What I love about free fonts is that they are so versatile for craft lovers and designers. You can use the to make “Happy Halloween” banner or sign, to design your scary t-shirts or svg files to cut on mugs, stickers and so on. I know that some of the fonts are a bit thin for die-cutting, but with a little bit of creativity, you can make it work. For example, you can use border on them…

If you like to have even more spooky fonts, try dingbat fonts, little ornament fonts with bats, spiders, ghosts, zombies and more. Halloween dingbat fonts will let you be even more creative. If you know how to use free software like Inkscape or Canva, you can make svg and png files to cut in your favorite die-cutting machine in no time. If your project is printable, these fonts are great for that too. Scary Free Cricut Halloween Fonts

Not enough?! OK, check out more free cool fonts:

Cricut Coupons and Deals

Check out this huge sales from

Spooky Halloween Themed Color Palette Fall 2022

Spooky Halloween Themed Color Palette Fall 2022

So, what are halloween colors? I believe that everyone knows Halloween themed color palette consists of orange, black, brown, purple and green, but for all of you creative people who need exact hex color codes, I got your back.

  • In the top left are analogous shades of orange: #ff7f00, #ffbd0d, #e8960c, #e85a0c, #ff3f0d
  • In the top right are orange, brown, black, gray and teal green: #ff7f00, #804000, #000000, #808080, #006280
  • In the bottom left are orange, brown, green, teal and purple: #ff7f00, #804000, #468000, #006280, #6b0080
  • In the top right are orange and brown shades: #ff7f00, #804000, #ffa64d, #805326, #cc6600

Cute Halloween Cutting Dies

You don’t have a Cricut? Don’t worry! When it comes to Halloween cutting dies for traditional cutting machines, one of the best places to find them is Spellbinders company. There you will find cute and scary pumpkins, spiders and webs, cats and wiches, houted houses and skeleton metal cutting die templates to die for (pun intended)…

Take a look at cute and affordable Spellbinders Halloween dies for cutting and embossing!

Die D Lites Haunted Manor Holiday 2017 Etched Dies Die D Lites Jack O Lantern Holiday 2017 Etched Dies

Company Inlovearts also offers nice range of October 31st cutting dies, from

Enjoy 15% off with code INLOVEARTS and free shipping on orders over $25!

Funny Halloween Sayings for Signs and Cards

Funny Halloween Sayings for Signs

Usually Halloween die cutting designs demand some cute quotes to print or cut on t-shirts, mugs and so on. You will need short qoutes and catch phrases to cut on a vinyl or a paper. Here are some of the most common and funniest Halloween sayings for signs and cards.

Famous and short Halloween quotes:

  • "Happy Halloween"
  • "Trick or Treat"
  • "Peak a Boo"
  • "Boo Y'all"
  • "31st October"
  • "Bootiful"
  • "Sweet and Spooky"
  • "To cute to spook"
  • "Happy Haunting"
  • "Faboolous"
  • "Creep It Real"
  • "Eat, drink and be scary"
  • "Hocus Pocus"
  • "Enter, if you dare"

Funny quotes for witches signs:

  • "Of course I can drive a stick"
  • "Witch better have my candy"
  • "It's just a bunch of hocus pocus"
  • "Witch please"
  • "I put a spell on you"
  • "Witches Brew"
  • "A witch lives here"
  • "Drink up wiches"
  • "Don't be a basic witch"
  • "Witches be crazy"
  • "Don't make me flip my witch switch"
  • "Cheers Witches"

Free Orange Scrapbook Papers

Orange Scrapbook Papers 12x12 Orange and Black Geometric Patterns - Halloween Design

I designed printable orange scrapbook papers as a help for fall creative efforts for crafters like myself. Beside orange, you’ll find black, purple, maroon, gray and more printable backgrounds as well. You can download them for free!

Free Halloween Svg Cut Files

You don’t want to design, but love to make cute Cricut Allhallows Eve T-shirt designs or decoration? Take a look at this ultimate source of free Halloween svg cut files ready to be downloaded and cut or printed. Most of them offers files as svg, dxf, png and jpeg. They are perfect for vinyl die cutting or as Cricut Halloween shirt ideas:

  • - shares more than 10 of theirs svg cut designs.
  • - offers numerous scary cut files for free, you can use on mugs or t-shirts.
  • - awesome resource for 3D svg cuts! They are really cute, not all of them are free, but some are.
  • - offers 319 free cut files for you to choose from.
  • - use file for free or as inspiration to design your own projects.
  • - shares nice selection of adorable pumpkin cut files you can use for October 31st or Thanksgiving.
  • - cute skeleton cutting files
  • - really big resource of cool October 31st svg files.
  • - cute Halloween mandala with tutorial on how to make a "trick or treat" tote bag.
  • - another cute and free October 31st svg bundle.

40+ Halloween Cricut Ideas

Halloween Cricut Ideas

Need Cricut Halloween ideas? Only your imagination is the limit! My suggestions:

  • Signs - welcome, porch...
  • Scary T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters
  • Earrings and jewelry
  • Spooky cards and cool invitations
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Halloween party decor - like spooky name tags
  • Table decor - placemats, place cards, napkins
  • Vinyl pumpkin decals
  • Pillows
  • Garlands and banners
  • Halloween costumes and masks (make Cricut Halloween face mask to protect you and your family from coronavirus too. Make it fun!)
  • Trick-or-treat bags
  • Treat boxes
  • Treat buckets
  • Luminaries - paper and cardboard lanterns
  • Dark and scary candle stickers
  • Wall hangings
  • Door hangers
  • Window clings and silhouettes
  • Label tags
  • Party favors
  • Dark wreaths full of spiders and bugs, really cool
  • Horror bookmarks
  • Cute gnomes
  • Keychains with leather
  • Vinyl Nail Decals
  • Bows and headbands
  • Advent calendar
  • Badge reels
  • Dog collar
  • Zipper pouch
  • Cute baby onesies
  • Mugs, tumblers, cup and glass stickers
  • Stickers for phone cases
  • Cool underwear
  • Jars
  • Hats

Free Faux Leather Earrings SVG Templates for Halloween

Can you make earrings with a Cricut? Of course you can! Here are free svg templates for leather earrings for October 31st.

What do you need to make earrings on Cricut? To make earrings on Cricut or other die cutting machines, you will need leather or faux leather to cut the shapes on and earring metal hooks.

Leather earrings tutorial - If you are a beginner, this excellent Cricut Halloween earrings YouTube tutorial will help you set up everything you need for perfect earrings.

Use these adorable free svg templates for earrings or necklace pedants:

  • - 6 adorable and free die cutting earrings templates: ghosts, skulls, bats, spider web and more.
  • - scary pumpkin teardrop earrings svg template

How to Make a Porch Signs and Decoration with Cricut for Halloween

YouTube is always my goto resource for tutorials, so here are 5 cute tutorials on how to make a porch sign and decoration with Cricut for Allhallows night.


Now, that you know what fonts, color pallete and free svg cutting files you are going to use for your Halloween projects and how to make them with your favorite die-cutting machine, it is time to start.

Let me know if you have more Halloween ideas and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to know about our next Cricut and other creative adventures.